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“My favorite color is clear”.  When I discovered this, “clear” became the palette on which I create my art; my art is applied on the reverse side of glass.

I discovered the advantage of painting on the reverse side of glass out of necessity.  Needing the “clear” finish to my art, prior to reverse glass painting, I would apply a clear coat to my art as a final step.  I could not afford clear coat paints.  I could acquire clear glass and I found that I was deeply satisfied with the viewing of my art from the front side of the glass.

As an artist it is not difficult for me to imagine the final product and apply the “paints” in the reverse order so that the viewer from the front side of the glass see the final image as I intended.  I pretty much plan every square centimeter in my mind and apply the paints accordingly.

I have developed a use of stencils, creating my own paints (mainly metallic) and a love for using recycled products including recycled glass.  I will occasionally buy new but recycled is always my preference.

Today, I start with geometric patterns, then the rest of the piece just evolves.  Painting on the back side of glass, last becomes first as I apply the paint.  This leaves my favorite “color” exposed.  This method eliminates the need and most importantly the cost for a clear coat on the front of my art.

My works respond to light.  Lighting brings my art to life.  My art shows well in traditional displays under natural, home, or gallery lighting.  However, the viewer sees a different work as the light changes.  I use “color change” lights and mix my own paints to determine how the paint will respond to different portions of the light spectrum.  When the correct light sources are available, maximum benefit will be gained when viewing my work.

My reverse glass work will continue to evolve as I experiment with paints, making my own when necessary, and experiment with the interaction of light with my art.

Phone: (509) 987-6376

Website: www.reverseglasswork.com