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Steph has been painting since 2012, after completing a large acrylic painting for a home décor project.  Steph usually does watercolor, is a self- and YouTube-taught artist, and frequently practices the “batik” method as described below:

“Batik” (aka “poured) watercolor technique is a  multi-layer process of applying a waterproof medium (resist) to protect areas that are to remain white and then pouring diluted paints (only red, yellow and blue) onto the paper.  The paint mixes on the paper, the excess is drained off, and the surface is allowed to dry.  Resist is then applied to the next darkest areas of the painting, and the pour-blend-drain-dry process is repeated.  The gradual darkening by layering paint is repeated 3-6 times until very dark values are achieved.  Then the resist is peeled off, and the painting is refined with traditional brushwork.  Though it appears a random approach, it takes practice to get the nuances of value right.  It is a patient, rewarding process that lends itself to realistic or abstract results.

Steph Bucci Art