I began painting in 2012, with a home décor project, and then began experimenting with the leftover paints. I am self- and YouTube-taught and have generally leaned toward photo realistic presentations. I focused the past few years on a “poured” or “batik” technique as practiced by Linda Baker (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDTZ9noB8DU). “Batik” is particularly challenging in developing the skill of judging values correctly as the piece progresses, because of its somewhat unpredictable results, and...it requires a lot of patience.

I have recently also played with collage, using discarded paintings as well as experimenting with watercolor effects on small sample pieces.

Though there is not a particular theme I am passionate about painting, I clearly like cats, and painting them is a great substitute for owning a living version.  They work for my current artistic inspiration, be that with standard watercolor technique, “batik”, or collage; abstract, whimsy, or realism. The fun is endless…

Steph Bucci Art


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