My name is Mike Brady and I recently retired from CBC after 13 years of beng a Biology professor at Columbia Basin College in Pasco, Washington.  My wife (Priscilla), our 2 dogs, and 4 cats live in Benton City, which is about 20 miles west of Pasco.  The skies in Benton City are relatively free of light pollution and we enjoy an abundance of clear skies in eastern Washington.

 I retired from the Army in 1996 and started teaching Biology at Fayetteville Technical Community College in Fayetteville, N.C. soon after retirement.  We moved to Washington in 2006 to get back to the Northwest where I grew up (born in Montana and went to College in Washington).  

After getting involved with the Observatory on the CBC campus I rekindled an interest in astronomy and particularly astro photography.  So, it wasn't too long before I purchased my first telescope and mount and then I became totally obsessed with this new hobby.

Phone: (509)420-3488