I was raised in Chicago, Illinois in a small suburb.  My father was a very talented and respected architect and helped design Michigan Avenue’s “Million Dollar Mile”.  My mother was a trained concert soprano.  Music and art were always in our daily life.  I thought everyone could draw paint and sing.

I attended college in Iowa and studied Art Education.  But I found working and making money was more important than teaching.  I move out west after school to Missoula, Montana.

Missoula is a fine local artist hub.  I began finding many new artists friends that encouraged me to continue painting and selling at local shops and shows.  My husband and I relocated to West Richland for my husbands job in 2001.

After 25 years of trying to find myself and be happy I began teaching watercolor and acrylic painting in local craft shops and various community centers.  For 14 years now I have taken craft projects to the hospitals and  assisted living facilities.

I love what art and crafts does for the brain.  It has been proven that while you are creating a piece of art, or do a craft, the brain shuts down the pain center.  This allows the person doing this craft to be calm for an hour or so  without any pain medication.  There are other studies that show the benefits of art and creativity are good for many hospitalized patients.

I paint for the love of creating a piece that reflects Joy Love & Happiness.

There is too much pain and sorrow in the world.  I hope my artwork can make the viewer smile and feel happy.  I discovered this addiction while taking care of my mother in 2010 during her battle with cancer.  I took my watercolors to her chemo therapy sessions.  I  painted for 6 hours at her side.  This was not only therapy for her but also therapy for me.  We both knew it was only a matter of time and painting happy art made it a joyous time in our life together.

Art is a reflection of our heart and minds.

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