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Painting for me is not a hobby, it is not a passion, it is an obsession or even an addiction. This addiction has been with me most of my life, but has been serious for the last ten or twelve years. If I go for more than a couple of days without sketching or painting, the need becomes painful for me. It started when I was eight or nine and waiting in the dentist’s lobby. The painting on the wall was of a sailboat and I remember being fascinated by the texture and the bright colors. I now know that it was most likely done with acrylic on canvas using a pallet knife. One of my favorite techniques. I enjoy sharing my obsession with my six year old grandson, Reese, who joins me in my painting whenever we get the chance. You might be surprised at the number of my paintings he has had a hand in. The only training I have had was in junior high school art class. So, other than watching painting shows on PBS, I pretty much do my own thing. There are too many artists I love to name them all, but if I had to pick my favorite, and the one with the biggest influence on me, it would have to be Monet. While I would love to sell some paintings, the reason might surprise you. I have run out of wall space and need space for more! I hope you enjoy my art half as much as I do.

Phone:  (805)813-3140

Email: simied@aol.com