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David Poynter (LaPoynte) is a retired construction inspector living in Tri-Cities, Washington. LaPoynte is a nickname and is used to be a more distinctive and searchable name for art work.


Dave says:  I enjoy drawing local landscapes, landmarks and people around the Tri-Cities to show what a wonderful place this area is. Like many others, I originally came to the Tri-Cities for just a short time and then ended up staying longer until I was here most of my life. And, like many others, I viewed the Tri-Cities area as a temporary home, and talked alot about moving away as soon as this or that was finished.


Then, although imperceptible at first, I started seeing beauty in the area. First, I started liking drives through the Columbia Gorge and the Palouse. Later, it was the bare mountains, the rivers, the vistas of cloud shadows and sunbeams. I started loving the vinyards, the smell of mint, fresh asparagus, salmon, local food, wine and beer. After living here for 35 years, I am beginning to see this area for the very first time and it may be the most beautiful place in the world (at least I feel that way after enough of the local wine!)


Like anything else, art is best when it is shared with other people, and my artist friends and local enthusiasts make the Tri-Cities, Yakima, and Walla Walla area a wonderful place to play in art.


Presently, I am making greeting cards that highlight the local landscapes and wineries.

Email:  lapoynte@yahoo.com